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📚StoryTime // 🧡Feminine Archetypes🧡 #853

🧡 I took a feminine archetype test online & I’m a lover & a maiden.

🧡 All women carry the lover archetype but it was the maiden one that surprised me.

🧡 Celebrities that have this archetype: Rihanna & Marilyn Monroe.

🧡 Pros & Cons: So then it made sense why I attracted the partners that I did and what it was about me that drew these kinds of people to me. I also became aware of how to play up the innocence of the maiden 😈.

🧡😂On another note: I installed this frontal for the first time yesterday & 😪. The first time I tried, I failed miserably 😭. It didn’t fit. I almost wanted to give up. I was about to sell all my wigs and just wear my locs. I questioned why I even started wearing wigs in the first place. I took a nap 😂. Then I went to YouTube University & figured it out. The sides still won’t completely lay down where they are supposed to 🥺😩😡. But it’ll do for now.

🧡 I might do a video on this makeup look... ✨Stay Tuned✨

💞Let’s Connect, Comment Below💞: Do let other people do your hair or do you do it yourself? Why?

🥰Thank you so much for tuning in & being a part of my journey of returning to love and self-awareness! Feel free to check out my website if this resonates, for Bookings, Blogs & More -

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