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📚StoryTime // Accountability/Responsibility #888

😒Hi Lover, I’m tired of the flashing lights and fake smiles. There has to be dark in order for there to be light.

😔This is not a call for a help… read posts for more…

🥰Thank you so much for tuning in & being a part of my journey of returning to love and self-awareness! Check out my website if this resonates, for Bookings, Blogs & More -

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Angel K 709
Angel K 709
29. Juli 2021

👀So I decided to take matters into my own hands & start a business. A business that started out very fulfilling. So here I was, taking accountability/responsibility… helping people while also helping myself. It was only a matter a time that I realized that it’s a “new level, new devil” type of deal. 🥺People came to me for all kinds of problems and between me, my intuition, & the cards, I somehow came up with the solution. Recently I had to take a break from the cards and I started focusing on other things… ✨My soul got sucked up into the hustle culture & I began to lose sight of the very purpose of my business : free self-expression. 🙈I felt…

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