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📚StoryTime // 🔗Attachment Styles & Childhood Programming🔗

I took an attachment style quiz on The Personal Development School’s website and these were my results…

I learned a lot about myself from taking this quiz about the 4 different types of attachment styles: dismissive avoidant, fearful avoidant, anxious preoccupied, and secure. I learned about how our attachment style affects all areas of our lives and our well-being.

Before learning about these attachment styles and how they are created, I thought that our childhoods’ engraved our attachment style in us and there was no way we could change it. Understanding your attachment style can inform you of your childhood while also bringing clarity about your adulthood. Through some further digging, it empowered me to learn that no matter how we grew or didn’t grow attached to our caregivers, we can decide how we interact with people now if we bring awareness to how we relate to people in our relationships with them.

Learning about my fearful avoidant attachment style was important to me because I did not understand why one day I would want to be married and then the next want to be single forever. 😭😅🤣 Or on the other hand, I would want to make friends with the world then switch to wanting to be on an island alone. I can now rest easy knowing this is just how I relate to the world sometimes because of the way I was raised yet I also have the power to change that if I wish to do so.

It also helps to know about the attachment styles of the people around you because your attachment style affects the way you relate to everything in your life; friends, family, work, etc. You may be unconsciously (like myself), be triggering your friends, family, and coworkers unintentionally which causes unnecessary tension in your relationship with them.

Most importantly I learned that there are more healthier ways of relating to people and I can become securely attached by building my self-esteem, self-regulating, and seeking help.

So take the next step today and learn about your attachment style by taking this quiz:

And don’t forget to send this to a friend, family, or coworker to form a better relationship with them!

💫Collective Message💫


Hi Lover 💕, Thank you so much for tuning in & being apart of my journey of returning to love and self-awareness! Feel free to check out my other blogs for personal growth & divine alignment. Download the mobile app and join✨Home Of Power ✨, so you can always stay updated on-the-go. You can use it to book services, share posts & photos, and talk with other members!

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🦋Home Of Power incorporates holistic practices such as shadow work, grounding practices, & energy work that helps you begin to express yourself free from any subconscious, unconscious, and conscious blockages that prevent you from creating the life that your soul craves.

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