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📚StoryTime // Soul Purpose #853

😱I took a dharma/spiritual life coach type test online & I’m an Intuitive Life Coach/Soul Purpose Coach.

🐍Finding this out wasn’t surprising after I had a kundalini awakening. An intense sexual encounter forced me to release spiritual blockages, I began to see the divine spark that was within me & everything around me.

🗣At the age of 13, I was kicked out of my adoptive mothers house who took me in when I was 5 years old. This was traumatic.

😅I turned within for guidance. The insecurities I developed made me feel as though I wasn’t worthy of love or to be listened to. As I started listening to my own internal guidance system, answers came. I saw things differently, I did some research to reparent myself. #innerchildhealing

😇After bursting out in tears of frustration, I switched from majoring in Civil Engineering to Philosophy my Junior year of college. After going to a Self Love School and experiencing other synchronicities that led me to yoga, tarot, and other activities for the soul, my life path seemed to shine before me.

💫Collective Message💫


🌟Home Of Power (HOP) was created to help people develop deeper connections with themselves & the world around them. It is safe space to unlock what is preventing you from taking the next step in your journey. Whether that be financially, spiritually, or emotionally, it was created for people who aren’t sure of their next steps.

🦋Home Of Power incorporates holistic practices such as shadow work, grounding practices, & energy work that helps you begin to express yourself free from any subconscious, unconscious, and conscious blockages that prevent you from creating the life that your soul craves.

💞Let’s Connect, Comment Below💞: Tell me a time that you felt like the ground was swept under your feet & what you did to stand ten toes down again, I want to hear your story 👂

🥰Thank you so much for tuning in & being a part of my journey of returning to love and self-awareness! Check out my website if this resonates, for Bookings, Blogs & More -

➡️Follow my business page on Instagram 💙

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