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Hair & Makeup Journey 2013-2021

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‼️New Video ‼️ In this video I share with you guys my Makeup & Hair Journey from the years 2013-2021. 🤯 Mercury Retrograde really has me being reflective of my past and how far I have come.

💜 Today on Savory Sunday, I find myself in deep gratitude. I’ve never felt more connected to my purpose & the cycles of life that have brought me here.

💜Today I focus on the Crown Chakra - it’s Sunday aka Sun Day.

💜The crown chakra is all about our connection to Spirit.

💜The Sun is all about our actions and our ego.

💜It fascinates me how fluid the ego is. Our actions create our personality, we become what we do.

💜Comment Below ⬇️ How connected do you feel with your purpose?

“👑” I know what I am here to do.

“🎁” I’m waiting on a sign.

“❓” I have no idea what I’m doing.

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