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Divine Thoughts

🧿 We all have the ability connect to Infinite Intelligence - God, Source, Creator


🧿 I had a close friend of mine ask about my belief system recently... like what do I believe in? Is it Witch craft, Christianity, Spirituality?


🧿 I honestly had to think about it for a second... I don’t even think I was ever clear with myself in what I “believed” in.

▪️ 🧿


🧿 At this point in my life I have learned that your thoughts control your actions which lead to your experiences. If you connect to a certain line of thought or frequency, then that will lead to other thoughts & ideas that relate to that same line of thought or frequency.


🧿 We hear what we want to hear. We connect to the things that we want to connect to through our frequency.


🧿 You draw in the people, places, and things that are related to that same frequency. ▪️

🧿 What frequency are you tuning into today?

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