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📚StoryTime //💢Sacred Rage💢 #853

💢 I was angry.

💢College is expensive & the system is flawed. So I tried dating this guy as a fi-sexual; someone who dates people for finances. Looking back, it was only to get what I thought I lost from my ex. He owes me money that he said he was going to pay back. Yet, being the devil - someone who is overly focused on finances, statuses, and/or sex, I met the devil. I wasn’t doing enough, freaky enough, or emotionally mature enough for him. I had to work for it; I started to become someone I wasn’t. He told me to stop working so that he could provide. Yet he would never gave in, no matter how much I became what I thought he wanted me to be for finances. It was a power-play: who can get more for less. I ended up in the same place I started.

💢I was pissed, yet I learned many lessons. I learned how to secure with who I am, & what I wanted & needed in a relationship. The right person will give you everything you want and more because of who you are. I met someone less than a month later who was willing to give me everything I wanted, needed, & more without me having to beg for the things I knew I deserved.

💢Learning how to transmute my anger into action has been key to my inner well-being. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, however, it can be transformed. It’s okay to be mad; Let’s normalize transmuting anger into action.

✨Collective Message✨


💢You lose them how you get them. Now is a good time for you to let go of the things that are not built on a solid foundation. The rabbit is a symbol for procreation, reproduction, and cycles.

💢A rough cycle is ending for you and it’s up to you to take a leap of faith into the unknown to have a new beginning in love.

💢Be kind to yourself and know that you deserve to be loved, appreciated, and wanted. Give thanks for all the lessons you have learned because when you know better, you do better.

🥰Thank you so much for tuning in & being a part of my journey of returning to love and self-awareness! Feel free to check out my website if this resonates, for Bookings, Blogs & More -

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